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Gus & Travis Talk Film: Film Noir

June 3, 2014
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Our video blog series, Gus & Travis talk film. This week features a discussion about William Holden.

We talk about films such as Detour, Double Indemnity, Body Heat, Night Moves, The Killing, Kiss me Deadly, Chinatown and more.

You can listen at this link or watch below:


Gus & Travis Talk Film: Stanley Kubrick

March 25, 2014
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Here is a new edition of our video blog series Gus and Travis Talk Film. This time we cover Stanley Kubrick, discussing such films as Barry Lyndon, The Killing, Eyes Wide Shut, Lolita and the other works in his filmography.

100 CRIME FILMS: Video Blogs #2 and 3

August 30, 2012
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We present the new two entries in our video blog series 100 CRIME FILMS: Body Heat (1981) and The Killing (1956).