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A Short Note About Andre De Toth and Randolph Scott

January 21, 2011
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Like Budd Boetticher, Andre De Toth was a frequent collaborator of Randolph Scott’s. The Westerns these two men made together may not rival the perfection of The Tall T (a pure Western, in the same way that Detour is pure Noir) but they are nevertheless strong entries in the genre.

Especially Riding Shotgun.

Riding Shotgun is a fast picture. It clocks in at 73 minutes (the right length for kind of gutsy cinema of old Hollywood). Somehow, whether intinially or not, it picks up on the paranoia of the Cold War era (McCarthyism in particular) with its portrayal of mob mentality and justice. I won’t say a lot about it because all I really need to say is SEE IT.

Having skimmed the surface of De Toth’s work, I find him one of the forgotten great directors of cinema.

Andre De Toth (left) showing Gary Cooper what’s up.