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The Big Something: A Comedy-Murder-Mystery | February 7, 2012

When Gus and I are not blogging about movies, we are making our own movies. We started a company a couple years back called Running Wild Films and have since made close to twenty short films and two feature length movies. The first one is now available to download, a comedy-murder-mystery called The Big Something.

The film has received great press in Arizona, where we make local cinema, and continues to find an audience online.

“The Big Something is a laugh-out-loud, screwball comedy with a Raising Arizona-like charm.” -Chris Coffel, Trashwire

“The BIG Something” keeps the plot simple and the film entertaining. The characters are memorable and the locations are a hoot. Music is massive and all within the public domain. Zero budget, 10 day, wing and a prayer feature filmmaking has come to Arizona, as “The BIG Something” offers a tantalizing taste of the swelling wave of local, indie feature filmmaking.” Bill Pierce, Examiner

I was inspired to make the movie after years of working in record stores. Somehow a story of murder and comedy made its way into that world, as did many of the eccentric employees and customers from that environment. The work of Howard Hawks and Buster Keaton was also very influential on the tone and style of the film.

The soundtrack of the film has also been praised: a collection of public domain blues, tracks from the likes of Leadbelly, Fats Waller, and Sonny Terry. It is also available for download.

We are committed to online distribution and exhibition. The movie and the soundtrack are available on our website at this link: You can pay whatever you want to download either. You decide the price.

I hope you enjoy the film we have made and keep coming back for more cinema from Running Wild and more cinema-obsession from Cinema Station.



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