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Michael Curtiz No. 1: British Agent | February 22, 2011

I commit myself to an exploration of the work of Michael Curtiz. Consider this journey not one of a critic or scholar because I am neither. No, I am a journalist, a correspondant, and instead of cities, I visit places of cinema and report what I see: brief and concise, only the strokes that shake the senses.


British Agent (1934)

Political turmoil/foreign country/Leslie Howard as Agent-Lover with torn alliances/surprised to see Cesar Romero/even more surprised to see balanced take on communism-Russia/favorite line: “Well I haven’t the courage to go on being a patriot or idealist any longer, Steven. I tried to, but I’m too much of a woman.”


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  1. This should be interesting. Curtiz really was the ultimate studio director, wasn’t he? He worked successfully in just about every conceivable genre and produced some of the studio era’s most memorable films.

    Comment by Colin — February 23, 2011 @ 10:32 am

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