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De Toth on De Toth | February 9, 2011

Perhaps a cap, but certainly not the end, to my recent fascination with Andre De Toth’s work, I give you some quotes taken from the interview book De Toth on De Toth. I find it amazing how many of these line up with the philosophies of the French New Wave and are ageless in their importance to cinema.

“I have no tolerance for anybody who doesn’t give his/her best. Dedicated people are giving their best and any son of a bitch who is taking advantage of that is robbing us of what’s most important: time.”

“Spielberg always had the talent, but no guts, only chutzpah. He lived audaciously, in children’s glossy and well-playing dreams.”

“I’d rather by lousy on my own than a brilliant second. I don’t want to be second anything.”

“They gave me the script; I told ’em it stank. They said, ‘Good. That’s what we think, too. You have seven days to shoot it. Go.'”

“Many of the people who now say they wanted to make a film noir are full of shit. Most of them hated making those short-schedule, low-budget B-pictures.”

“A true style develops unintentionally and unplanned.”

“It is always more exciting to be an unsuccessful pioneer, than a successful teller of old tales.”

“A film is nobody’s single achievement.”

“The electronic images, the ‘out of this world toys’, may overwhelm the audience with wonders for a while. But could they, would they, make them laugh from their hearts, or make them shed a sincere tear, without a human story? I bet on the latter; it has survived since lightning gave fire to our monkey-like ancestors who, sitting around the fire, told lies to each other… The birth of stories. And stories will survive.”

“Be yourself. Be free and lousy.”



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