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Note: On The Passionate Film Viewer | August 5, 2010

The term describes someone who loves movies of all kinds in an inordinate fashion and goes to the movies hoping to find and experience the ecstasy that only great films can provide on initial and repeated viewings.

That being said it should be noted that “The Passionate Film Viewer’ is not a foolish, cock-eyed optimist. She/he understands that great films are few and far between, and that they only come along at infrequent intervals. Yet this person is one who continues thinking and hoping that the next great film is just around the corner.

And finally; The Passionate Film Viewer has preferences in style, subject matter, genres and personalities before and behind the camera, yet will go to see any movie without prejudice or personal bias, hoping that it will provide what only movies can do, bewitching, graceful, poetic and seductive entertainment, occasionally offering food for thought as well.



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