Cinema Station

Conquest of the Useless II | June 29, 2010

Werner Herzog writes:

Iquitos, 15 August 1979

These days an image keeps coming to mind, without any real reason: the rural inn in Slovakia, right on the Polish border, where we were filming Nosferatu. The building was occupied on a seasonal basis by Polish lumbermen, put up four together in the fairly small rooms, and in a rather large lounge they played cards, huddled around a little woodstove, smoked, and cooked bacon directly on the stovetop, which was sizzling with fat.  They drank vodka, and were drunk from nine in the morning on.  The women among them, sturdy creatures in worn padded jackets from Siberia, joined in the drinking. On a couch in their midst, one of the women had sex with one of the men, shortly after they had returned from their day’s work-the others in the room did not let themselves be distracted from what they were doing.  During this operation the wood-cutter kept his jacket on and his rucksack on his back.



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