Cinema Station

The Professionals | January 7, 2010

Screenwriters are probably the most underappreciated contributors to the cinematic event.  They are the ones who have contributed some of the best dialogue that informs both the cinema and our lives.  And from time to time, we will be honoring these writers by quoting from some of the films that they have written.

“I can understand how you got in a crap game and lose $700 dollars that you didn’t have.  But how did you lose your pants?”

“In a lady’s bedroom trying to raise the cash.  Almost made it too.  You realize that people are the only animals who make love face to face… Thanks again, but you could’ve telegraphed the money and saved yourself the trip.”

“Yesterday I didn’t have the money.”

“What’s the proposition?”

“You won’t lose your pants.  Your life maybe.  But what’s that?”

“Hardly anything at all.”

-The Professionals, written and directed by Richard Brooks, 1966.



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